Fellowship of Burning Hearts

Upcoming Meeting: Special Christmas Celebration!

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Join us at the camp as we behold Bethlehem's Lamb this Christmas season. Bring your family as we rediscover the true meaning of Christmas this year and encounter the glory of his Incarnation.

There will be a bonfire and refreshments afterwards.

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Unquenchable Flame Internship Promo Video

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Those who read Dr. Sandy’s books say their hearts are pierced to the core as they read. One pastor said, he cried for days, adding, “I thought I knew all about the Cross, but there was so much more to see. And now when I preach about the Father’s Cup, the fire of God falls on the people and they run to the altar, weeping and crying out to God.” As Dr. Sandy’s publisher wrote, “Set aside everything you think you know about the Cross, and be prepared to have your heart UNDONE by a Revelation of the Lamb.”


If you are hungry for God, yearning for Revival, and willing to explore the depths of the Cross, join us as together we “follow the Lamb wherever He leads” (Rev 14:4).

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